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What is Support by Blocks?

Recognizing the dynamic landscape of Microsoft’s Business Applications, we understood that the continuous changes presented challenges in project cost estimation. While these changes brought remarkable capabilities to our clients, they also necessitated a more flexible engagement approach.

In response, seven years ago we introduced the “Support by Blocks” model tailored for Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, and RapidStart CRM. Here’s how it works: Clients pre-purchase Support Blocks of 8, 16, 40, or 80 hours. These pre-purchased hours are stored in a ‘bank’. We then deliver services, ranging from customization and consulting to user training and migrations, deducting from the banked hours until they’re used up. The model’s beauty lies in its simplicity; as your requirements evolve, there’s no need to renegotiate terms.

Suitable for projects of any scale, we’ve catered to small businesses purchasing just a single 8-hour block and to large enterprises acquiring multiple 80-hour blocks each month. Our “Blended” rates ensure you receive expertise from both our seasoned and junior professionals at a consistent cost. Plus, the pre-payment system not only streamlines our operations but also translates to savings for you. Notably, purchasing larger blocks gives you even better hourly rates.

Join the hundreds who’ve embraced this win-win model, and experience firsthand its benefits and efficiency.

Looking for a predictable cost model? Check out “The Works“.


Pre-Paid Block Pricing

Available for “The Works” Subscribers Only

Available for All Customers

8 Hour Block

Small Code Development tasks

Only Available for “The Works” Subscribers

16 Hour Block

Medium Code Development tasks

Only Available for “The Works” Subscribers

40 Hour Block

You can actually start building some custom capabilities, or custom reports, or do a full migration analysis.

80 Hour Block

Now you are starting a real “development” project! This is also the most common starting block.

Forceworks offers a 15% discount on all services to Microsoft Approved Non-Profit Organizations.

Do you have an ongoing need for Development? Contact us about our Unlimited “Development as a Subscription” model.

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